Such a Psychopath, I have become…

“The clock struck twelve,
Molten wax flowed through burning candles,
Hungry eyes glared onto my back,
A box of kisses remained on the table unseen, unfelt and untouched,
There were many other objects trying to hide their identity behind the shades of gift wrappers,
The clock continued to tick and the hot wax continued to drip,
I heard a yawn and looked at a pair of sleepy eyes desperately waiting for my attention,
They were losing their patience now,

But why should I give a damn?

I give my undivided attention to the social web-page opened on my phone…

Around 159 people have posted my birthday wishes online!!!

The virtual love is more important than the real one right now…

I make those eyes wait until I’m satisfied.

Such a psychopath , I have become”

 – The Popular Psycho


Social media is keeping us popular online , but is also turning us to a heartless beast in reality.

People who are excellent at expressing their feelings on chat or online profiles find it rather a mammoth task to express themselves in front of real people.

We ought to remind oneself that man is a social animal living in a society full of people with whom direct interaction is necessary, not a virtual interaction with

a society of people hiding behind their veil of their social profiles.

Social Profiles have their own series of advantages, but what’s the use of owing a pair of beautiful dance shoes when you have already chopped off your feet.

I noticed this one incident during Birthdays where people celebrate the same by counting the number of “Happy Birthday… Have a blast ” posts than blowing out candles.

How would the real, physically present in the flesh people, who actually care for you feel?

How would you feel if you were one of those pair of eyes?

Have you given it a thought ???


Yours Only,

Rashmi \(ÔωÔ)/


© Stuff in my Head

All rights reserved.

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