Deceptively Identical Days…

It was a Wonderful day Yesterday,

The Weather was Romantic with a touch of drizzle,

My day started with the chirping of birds and the sound of the city waking up,

Exchange amongst people and rhythms of vehicles sounded frizzle,

Hurrays and Sigh of Children waiting for their bus

I reached office to find a heap full of work waiting at my desk,

I am ready to battle it with my sleeves up till the cuff,

The day went by with the same kinds of talks and ties,

All I could do was smile.

I finally reached home all weary but good,

Laid myself on bed and let of a sigh,

It was a wonderful day.

I wished to wake up to one again.


It was a Horrible Day Today,

The weather was cloudy with chances of downpour.

My day started with the screeching of birds and the annoying sound of the city,

Yelling of People and Honking of vehicles that made my head feel sore,

Shrieks and  Cries of the children to make it worse

I reached office to find heap full of working haunting my desk,

I clicked my tongue and thought ‘Yup, there is no one as unlucky as me’

I survived all the hue and cry as the day goes by,

All I could do was curse my faith,

I finally reach home all weary and dead,

I crashed on bed and let out a sigh,

It was a horrible day,

I Prayed to not wake up to one again.
-Me on Two Deceptively Identical Days
I personally was caught in a situation like this where my reaction to very similar events was almost as contrast as black and white.

It’s not that the whole universe is plotting against you. It’s just that you believe that to be true.

When I sat down and thought about it, I realized that it was all about my mood on those days how I perceived those events.

It is the perspective of the person that defines a person. A few days come by where the events happening are almost identical, the only switch is how we perceive them.

Have such events happened with you?

Have you given it a thought?


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All rights reserved.

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