I Don’t Need A Mask.

They said I should talk more as I was tooo reserved.
(Mind Process-Talk for a minimum of 5 minutes per person)

They said I needed to put on some weight as I was skinny and not appealing
(Mind process People like appealing people. I have to eat stuff I don’t like as well)

They said my skin tone was too dark (Mind Process – I should give up my love to swim to look fair)

They said I was a nerd and that being a nerd is gross. (Mind Process – Getting a failing mark in test makes a person popular)

They said I was ugly as I did not have a boyfriend. (Mind Process – I need a boyfriend to be beautiful)

They continued saying things to the square infinity…
(Mind Process – Crash)

Trying to be someone they wanted , I had lost myself.

I walked to a mirror and said aloud “I don’t care what people say of you… I think you are awesome”

The fake masks came shredding from my face. Till date I never regret the choice of being myself rather than a fake master piece of everyone else.

Yes, these are all my personal experiences during school where
I got sooooo many “Advises” and “Crack Version to Popularity” that one day I was at my brim.

Today for being myself, I am loved by people and hated too.
People still continue to “advice” me.

One thing I follow till date is to not let a mask between me and myself.
I am who I am. I don’t live for the likes of others.

Today I met with an old “friend” from school who told me “Hey!!! You know what you have changed a lot!!!! Well a Good Change!!! You give off a different Aura …”

Well half the time I thought she was being Sarcastic or just trying to show off her vocabulary(:P).

Well, anyway that led me to think what was different with me then and me now.

Well this was all I could think (I kinda felt sleepy leading my thought process to be like ZZZZZZZ…)

But have you given it a thought?


© Stuff in my Head

All rights reserved.

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