Love Sick Lil Sis

‘Ouch’ my finger pricked,
Like a sharp blade slash,
But I was astonished to see that there was no mark or lash

The next day I saw her wearing a bandaid from a paper cut.

‘Grrrrrr’ my stomach growled,
Like I was starving for days,
But I was shocked cause I just
had lunch, mushroom 3 ways

Then I get her text that she hasn’t eaten yet.

‘Yaaaaawn’ I felt so tired and sleepy,
As though I was awake all night,
But I was stunned as I had just rolled out of bed with blurred sight,

I step out of my room to find her in the same state as last night in front of her Mac.
She was born on the 31st of July while I was born on the 30th of the same.

There is six years difference of age gap and also our faces do not overlap.

Yet She is still my twin at body, soul and heart.

I Love You Sis.

⁃ Your Love Sick Lil Sis


© Stuff in my Head

All rights reserved.

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