Him who doesn’t know My Existence…

It was pitch black and I moved my hands around to figure out where I was. While doing so I racked my head trying to figure how I got here.

While moving around I hear a deep, angelic, manly voice ” Baby, you have no idea how long I have waited for you …”.

Suddenly a strong pair of arms snake around me gently yet with strong possessiveness.

My body reacts to the foreign touch and moves forward to feel a hard surface, like a wall and realises now I have no where to go.

I wriggle around my manly prison to turn and face my captor.

My heart Skipped a beat or maybe two.

It din’t make sense why but I could see him in the dark. It was almost like he was my light.

I managed to mumble ” Its you … you finally came for me…”. But I don’t recall his name yet I know that face for I have seen it over and over again everyday.

He had a oval yet slightly cubby face. Well defined jawline. A luscious plum lips whose existence was itself sin. Perfect straight hair side parted with his forehead showing and a few stray strands over his forehead. His eyes were shiny, bright and Hungry.

He had a sculpted body every female would wet her lips and drool over.Long slender neckline, defined shoulders , strong built arms, a heavenly torso with well defined abs and a dreamy back.

Yes you are right he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

I realised that now and my body felt tingly.

He leaned in against my ear and whispered ” Ofcourse Love, you are the only one for me. And with you here where else can I be?”

Goosebumps eroded my skin and my hair stood up. A strange feeling hit my stomach and I was hungry.

For what? That’s a question to which I have to draft an answer for.

Before I could do any work on my grey cells, those small yet effective hands slide down from my shoulders, down, down and down, reached my waist and pulled me closer.

” Let me taste you My Cupcake…” he cooed and slowly moved towards my lips.

Closer and Closer and Closer and then I gasped for breath and sat up.

I was back on my bed, covered in sweat and panting hard. My heart was racing a million miles a second.

I reach out for my phone to check the time.

I lose my breath (yet again) when I see my dream lover’s face as my phone’s wallpaper.

Celebrity crush is injurious to health, I thought lying down again.

I swear I have tried so hard to re-do this dream but all I dream about now is my exams.

I think I should go back and study while ” I wait for my HIM to Realise my Existence ❤️💖❤️ “.

Signing Off, Me,

– Yours Only,



© Stuff in my Head

All rights reserved.

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