Always prayed and wished to “Stay at Home” every morning before leaving to work and Every Night before falling asleep.
Never thought my Wish would be fulfilled as a Devil in Disguise.

Excited, Happy to be able to take a break from the robotic routine and to spend all time in and around my family was my first thoughts.
Then the Pain and guilt wrecked me that many are suffering outside my secure cocooned four walls.

With all Kinds of emotions passing by I made up my mind to make most of my time.

I get up early at 4;
Workout till 6;
Help my mother in the household chores till 10;
Start my “Work from home routine”;
Log in to Udemy at 6 and learn new skills at a steal;
Play a game online or sketch or something creative till 9;
Spend time streaming movies or shows with family before heading to bed again.

Not sure if this is any different from what I used to do before,
But now it’s just with an Attitude Change to appreciate family and all the good times ashore.

Cheers to Staying in Safe with Family.

Lots of Love,

Yours Only,


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